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​"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn." - Benjamin Franklin



18-24 Months

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24-36 Months


Three Year Olds


Four Year Olds +

Mother's Day Out (12-mo to 24-mo Preschool Class)

In the Mother's Day Out class, children are realizing there is a whole new world around them as we enjoy circle time, learn to follow directions, share, and wait our turn. Gross motor activities are encouraged through Physical Education (P.E.) and playground time. The toddlers learn life skills like hand washing and cleaning up after meals. Everyone is encouraged to be more independent, take good care of our classroom and love on our friends. Children are exposed to ABC's, numbers, shapes and colors as well as learning about God's love through songs and  Bible stories!

Class                                                  Days Offered                                    Registration Fee                                Supply/Activity Fee                  Monthly Tuition

MDO (12mo-24mo)                               Wed                                                       $195                                                        $55                                             $130

MDO (18mo-24mo)                          Mon/Tues                                                 $195                                                        $65                                             $200

MDO (24mo)                                      Mon/Wed                                                 $195                                                         $65                                             $265

​2-Year Old Preschool Class


We believe that children learn best through play and interactions with others. We provide fun learning experiences that encourage your child to explore their environment through a wide variety of activities. Gross and fine motor skills are also developed through guided play, playground time, arts and crafts, and table activities. We know that children learn best through a hands-on environment and provide many opportunities for exploration. We sure do have a lot of fun together!

Class                                                  Days Offered                                    Registration Fee                                Supply/Activity Fee                  Monthly Tuition

2 Yr Old (2 days)                                  Thurs/Fri                                                  $195                                                        $75                                             $200

2 Yr Old (3 days)                                  Mon-Wed                                                  $195                                                        $75                                             $265

2 Yr Old (5 days)                                   Mon-Fri                                                    $195                                                        $75                                             $385


​3-Year Old Preschool Class

Your child will be loved and cared for in an environment that is nurturing and meets their cognitive, physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. All children are provided with materials and activities to use in exploring the world around them.  We offer a balance of free choice and teacher-guided activities as well as individual and group activities.  We also provide a literacy-rich environment which supports children in the lifelong love of books and reading! 

Class                                                  Days Offered                                    Registration Fee                                Supply/Activity Fee                  Monthly Tuition

3 Yr Old (4 days)                                  Tues-Fri                                                  $195                                                        $95                                             $285

3 Yr Old (5 days)                                  Mon-Fri                                                  $195                                                        $95                                             $335

4-Year Old Preschool Class


​In the fours class, our goal is to promote maximum learning for all children, assist in spiritual training, build a community environment, and celebrate our differences through differentiating lessons.  Children are encouraged to become more independent and problem-solvers.   Preparation for Kindergarten is at the top of our list as we explore the world around us and teachers provide personalized instruction.  We do this through one-on-one, small group, and large group activities. Come join us as we play, learn, and grow in a developmentally appropriate classroom!

Class                                                  Days Offered                                    Registration Fee                                Supply/Activity Fee                  Monthly Tuition

4 Yr Old (5 days)                                  Mon-Fri                                                    $195                                                        $95                                             $335

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